9 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out: HIGHLIGHT YOUR VALUE

Highlight Your Value!

Every brand has a unique selling point. No one will know what yours is unless you tell them. Whether it’s your service, product, team, equipment, location, access, methodology, experience… Don’t hold back! Here are 3 ways to professionally show & tell:

• SPELL OUT YOUR UNIQUE OFFERING IN YOUR PROFILE Use your personal and business profile on social media to spell-out-your-offering in your Profile. This sets the tone for how new eyeballs will consume your information. Hit them with something that will stick: “Our products are made using 100% solar energy” or “Teams I’ve worked with in the past say I’m … “

• LIST YOUR CAPABILITIES, SKILLS & ENDORSE ENDORSEMENTS List your accomplishments, not your responsibilities! I love LinkedIn’s Endorsements feature… Quick tip: If you don’t currently have many endorsements on LinkedIn, start giving endorsements to people you’ve worked with in the past and you’ll be amazed at how quick they are to return the favor!

• LIST YOUR AWARDS AND PROVE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS It’s not enough to claim the award, you need fact based proof to prove your accomplishments. “Led a 65 person team, resulting in 800% revenue growth in first 6 months and 2019 Sales Award.”