9 Ways To Make Your Personal Talent Brand Stand Out!

Looking for a fool-proof way to make your brand stand out?
It’s time to DIF-FER-EN-TIATE!

We all know how important brand content is to staying relevant, growing your audience and winning over new and loyal fans/customers. If you’re a brand leader who leans on original content to help establish themselves as a thought leader in your industry you know how exhausting it can be to deliver new content without going stale. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate yourself when you’re so focused in being an expert at one thing.

Here is some advice on ways you might consider when making your next round of original content.


There are 3 types of content. Content that serves, content that shares and content that sells. Content that serves should focus on the value prop of delivering valuable information about your brand, your product/services, ingredients/team, etc. Content that shares should focus on the emotional proposition of being associated with your brand, including inspirational photos and quotes, personal photos and cute puppies. Content that sells your product or service should be direct as customers need a clear indication that they have reached the end of your funnel and you are now asking them to take the leap.



Every brand has a unique selling point. No one will know what yours is unless you tell them. People didn’t know Tom’s gave away a free pair of shoes with your purchase until Tom’s told them! Whether its your team, equipment, location, access, etc. Show and tell!



Have a strong fact-based opinion and don’t be afraid to share it. Content that is safe is rarely shared and almost never fully watched. Have an opinion and focus on FACTS, not HYPOTHETICALS.



There are tons of stats right now that all point to video. From marketing to personal messaging, video is taking over. Keep it authentic. Document vs create.



While Google still places value on keyword rich content, it has recently shifted it’s focus on intention-based searches. Meaning, instead of “gym” we now search for “gym workout.” Understanding and optimizing your customers intent (also known as “user intent”) is critical for successful SEO results.



Looking to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, create your own industry-specific survey in which you own all of the data and then leverage as a press or social media opportunity.



Focusing daily on being a news-breaker can be exhausting, unless that’s your business. Instead of looking for news to break, be prepared to share breaking news quickly from a few trusted news sources and make sure it’s relevant to why your audience is following you. It also helps to have a go-to list of platforms and news outlets you have a relationship with, in the event you ever need to quickly get in touch with them to share your access or original content.



Read and review your analytics. Look at who is clicking, what % of your videos are being watched, shared. What items get the most saves, shares, comments, likes, impressions.. PROVE what works by testing it out, and TRY new things. Experts from other fields often make for exotic guests. Bring in an expert from a complimenting industry to offer a unique POV into your brand.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – Keep them wanting mo…