The Couple Casting

Are you married to someone with a unique occupation or lifestyle?
Does your marriage make for an interesting story?

VPEtalent is looking for couples across America to feature on a new TV series! This show will feature successfully married couples who have found love in all the right places.



6 thoughts on “The Couple Casting

  • November 14, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Our story is unreal! I met him at 14 married him at 24 divorced him at 34 we are now back together in our original home after a horrible 6 years apart. We have two beautiful bright straight A athletic kids, one boy Nate plays football and club soccer and one girl Lexa that plays club volleyball, they are 11 and 13 years old. Our children brought us back together. He works all night on stock market while I work days as a hair stylist and full time mommy. I’m the typical homemaker keeping our home immaculate and making amazing dinners every night while he’s your typical business man working 24/7. We just click like no others!

  • November 14, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    My husband and I met in 1994, and through alot of life changes and moving out of state we ended up together and married in 1999. His second and my 4th marriage. I was totally scared but I really believed he was the right guy for me. 14 years in April and we are still together. He just retired from the UAW/FORD, had a short run at State Rep. and now is off hunting and fishing before deciding what is next in his life. I come from eastern KY and he was born in Joilet, IL, total culture clash…..his childhood home is now a musuem and I grew up without electic or running water.
    Our common ground was the union and building a better life for all.
    He is my 3rd husband and my last. We have been burned by past relationships so we have our own money and accounts and do not share or pool our money. It works for us. we have 2 yorkies Isabelle and Addison, good thing they are not kids because we don’t agree on how to raise them, can’t even imagine what it would of been like to parent with him lol. we have 5 kids between us and 8 grands with alot of drama around them…
    I am one of 12 kids and he is 1 of 10 kids. we are a tribe. My kids are second generation Italians on their Dad’s side and my family have been here since before the revoultionary war. I love to show people that opposites do attract and can through alot of work make a good life with each other.

  • November 15, 2012 at 2:53 am

    Talked to Hubby on the telephone for over 18 months before I met him at age 16, in June – he was the DJ/ Chief Engineer at a local radio station & I was a geek/nerd. We talked on 3 nights a week & 1 morning. From the day we met, except for his 12 day planned vacation within a few weeks of us meeting, we seen each other every day. On our very 1st date, we were pulled over by TVA police and questioned about a fire in the near vicinity. We got engaged at Christmas in 1977 and were snowed in at the radio station for 4 days & nights due to 2 feet of snow in Jan. 1978 (the State Police shut the roads down to all but Emergency traffic) and he called both our parents to let them know that we were fine and were getting married on 02/14/78 – 17 days from that day.
    It has been great, and although we have had our differences, we have always communicated. We have 3 grown children, 31,29, & 27 and they seem to be fairly well rounded and intelligent young adults. We adore grands and are looking forward to the ones on the way.

  • November 16, 2012 at 4:54 am

    Met a guy named Dan in 04. Listened to him cry every time he would drink too much about his best friend Mike who wanted nothin to do with him anymore. Apparently Dan drank too much, too obnoxious, too opinionated and has terrible self control etc. ya. THAT guy . Being with Dan was interesting. Not fun. Not happy. But , none the less, I stayed. And need up marrying him in 06. Soon after, I found out I was pregnant w my son, P. after the baby was born, mike re entered Dans life. And , I LOVED this long lost friend of dans he had grown up with. I was happy mike changes his mind and decided to give Dan another shot . Soon, Mike was at the house all the time and him and I were close. I have him girlfriend advice, he helped calm me down when I was pissed at Dan and all his stupid problems. ….. Until they became more than stupid and I found out Dan was hiding a heroin habit from the baby and me. I kicked him out ( obviously ) and being too embarrassed to talk w my girlfriends I turned to good buddy Mike who grew up w Dan and wouldn’t judge me and would understand the situation better than a tone anyway .dan tried Rehab ( he was kicked out ) he tries groups ( too dumb for him ) and I realized I loathed him. And I also realized that I was having serious feelings growing for my close friend Mike. Gorgeous smart funny reliable and trustworthy mike . One night at a park, I was kissed by mike with a life changing best ever melt my heart hair curling toe crunching earth titling kiss. BEST EVER. We embarked on a torrid 2 week affair that left us breathlessly and with no doubts madly in love . My son P. now 2, loved mike too, as Dan was never really abLe to care for him and be an actual dad due to his terrible drinking and drug use. So, I asked Dan for a divorce and ….. Tool a crazy plunge that went against all codes of honor and friendship and … Was with mike. Immediately we realized we were in this for ever. We were soul mates meant to be In love. Dan FREAKED. Dans family freaked. And Dan started shooting dope and robbing my house to destroy every one of mikes guitars etc as retaliation. I went to court and got full custody of P so he would be protected . And won sole custody and was finally divorced . Mike became the wonderful man he is and flourished into a beautiful career building software and is co owner of a company. He secured us a home and reliable vehicle. He gave little boy P so much real and unconditional love that he became way more than a step parent and is the father that P never had but deserved . mike became his daddy . Time went by and then a beautiful baby boy was born to mike and I. Baby H made P a big brother and me a mother of 2. Mike and I were married. And we became parents again a year later to our 3rd little boy, baby O. Now we are this amazing family 3 boys deep- P. is 5 n a half, H. is 2 and a half, and O. is 1 yrs old – I get to he a stay at home mom. I don’t have to deal with dishonest husbands . I do t have to wonder about substance abuse . We have such a bond of trust and respect . Our relationship is amazing in that we had a couple years of “just friends” and I got to know him as a human and not a dating candidate . We drive in the truck for hours just talking and laughing no radio necessary because we r the BEST of friends. My strengths n weaknesses balance his strengths and weaknesses. Where I am emotional he is strong and rational. I am excellent at communicating and he is wonderful at other things I suck at. We ROCK marriage, friendship, healthy eating choices, cooking, family, chaos , LIFE . I don’t have to explain to him my ex , he KNOWS like no other man could , who I left in my past. He grew up with Dan . There’s no explaining him or his family . He knows them all just as well as I, so with all the drama and bulls*%t that comes with divorce and a child , I have a partner who stands hand in hand w me as he protects and helps me with all that , explains to our oldest son P ( dans biological child ) what a fabulous boy he is and that any male can make a baby but only a MAN can raise one . Dans gives P crap about “real dads” and all kinds of stuff that we laugh at since he never calls or participates in Ps life; he cancels in birthdays and only gets 4 hrs every Sunday to spend w our child which he most o the one cuts short since his new girlfriend is always a priority whether its her cat needing an insulin shot or her homework or her need to wash her hair etc….. Dad ( mike ) is there w love and affection and confirmation that he is loved and important like his brothers and that we are a family and Dan an say or do whatever he likes , nothing will change our beautiful family or the special love we all share . Not Dan or anyone. Now 4 yrs have home by and I’m 33 … We talk of another baby someday soon… We are the most blessed people to find each other in this world of crazy weirdness. And we somehow managed to find each other and develop the strongest and most love file marriage ever and build a family w children and a cat and my husband makes a comfortable wage we can all thrive on. And as I lie in bed w this man every night I could cry and laugh at the same time as I county blessings and can only say : listen to your heart. If I had listened to “moral” or had done what was “right” per say , becoming involved w my husband beat friend is a no no. But , I see it as there’s no better man to be my husband and raise P – he knew Dan when Dan was a kid and can comprehend and help our boy with his problems better than any other man could since he gets the whole family and there bizarre ways that some have genetically gone my sons way …. Dare I say perfect ?!! I may …. I am blessed and honored daily to be married to the handsomest man / best friend/ and I’m proud to be his wife forever <3

  • January 21, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Joe and I have 25 yr. relationship that’s had a lot of ups & mostly downs to it. Our life is not the usual.We DO NOT HAVE A NORMAL LIFE!!! Most couples would have separated by now, another man would had given up. Joe didn’t, and he deserves the credit for staying, and being there for his kids. Nobody is perfect, we all have our faults, but at least Joe gives it a try. So if your ready………………….
    Let me introduce ourselves “WE ARE THE KRUZELNICKS!”We are a family of 5, who live in New Jersey. We are a family who can inspire you, and make you realize life is not all that bad.We’ve been to hell and back in the last 17yrs.We’ve lost everything we have worked so hard for, but it’s ok, for we are still a family that’s closer than most.
    It all started with our daughter Sarah being born with C.P.She was the child who the doctors thought wasn’t going to be able to walk or talk properly,well she’s 17 now goes to high school, is looking forward to going to collage to become an artist. Sarah’s life is not easy but on thing I give her is that she doesn’t give up! And she doesn’t let her disability hinder her(yes she’s moody & bitchy like all teen agers but sweet at the same time).
    Then there is my son Joey (his nick name is Doe, because Sarah wasn’t able to pronounce his name right when she was little). Joey has Norries disease(he’s blind, epileptic, & autistic) he’s 15 now, small for his age.He’s the one who keeps this family together. We love him so much, how can we give up? We can’t. Joey seems to bring out the best in people, you’d be amazed. Even the largest most gruff of men, stop to give him a gentle touch, a loving word, or a kiss and hug. He has a way of breaking all the walls of prejiduce down.
    Now there is my husband, Joe, who has had brain sugary (tenancy to be forgetful because of the surgery).The stay at home dad, true jersey boy attitude, Russian Orthodox, Scorpio, car crazy, opinionated crazy man. I’ve loved Joe for 25 yrs., and we plan to be the old couple in a nursing home together. oh & I need to mention he’s our personal ozzy(yeah he’s crazy. and please don’t let him out alone, he wanders!). Joe can do some things that are unusual. And has a tenancy to forget he did or said something.Yet it’s o.k. I was a miracle that the anurism was found.But you’ll find Joe is a survivor!
    Then there is Gracie who’s going to be 13,she’s my little helper,has lot of responsibility for someone her age. She is also a cheerleader, has lot of friends,accident prone,but hey that’s Gracie for you. And strong willed.
    And me, I’m Roman Catholic, from Orange County N.Y., (13/14th generation with Scotch, Welsh, Native American Heritage, while Joe is 3rd generation Eastern European ; many holidays in our household). We don’t see eye to eye with Joe, I,m an Aquarius. Our outlook on things tend to be just as opposite as our opinions,but it works for us! And yes our arguments can be heated at times, but we’re both passionate people. And lot of people can’t understand why we are together, we are so different from each other. But It works.
    My family can be loud, and shameless at times. We don’t hide from anyone.We have away to attract people. We like to spend a lot of time down at Sea Side during the summer. People love to stop us, talk to us, tell us they remember us from last year (yes we are that different, we’re like a sideshow to people. We are so shameless, I should be ashamed!!). So once again, let me pre-warn you, we do not have the average lifestyle.

  • October 16, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Hi my name ia Rebekah Welborn and I have a story to tell. I am 19 years old and was recently just married January the 26th. This is how my story began…..
    I come from a family of 13. Eleven children and my parents.I am the second oldest and the oldest girl. My family is very opinionated and does not have a problem voicing their opinion. They were also very strict. I meet my husband when I was 17 when I was working at Sonic. I had to sneak to see him and tell lies to stay the night with him or hang out with. We automatically hit it off. I moved out of my parents home two months after my husband and I started dating. I called my parents about two in the morning to tell them I thought I was pregnant and I wasn’t coming home (ended up not being pregnant)… that was just the start of the problems I was about to have with my parents. After living with his mom for months, My husband and I decided we would moved to the beach with his dad. It was okay for about a month than every thing went bad. My parents told us even though they didnt like my husband that if we moved in with them that they would pay for our wedding on the condition that we both would go to college after the wedding, so we moved back home in november 2012. My mom and dad tried there best to talk me out of marrying my husband. Told me he was gonna mess up my career, that he was no good for me, he was lazy and arrogant, but I didn’t listen. I still married the man I loved and wanted to spend the reat of my life with. We than lived with my parents but didn’t go to college. That made my parents even more mad. My mom thought i wouldnt go to college because of my husband. My dad thought he was no good and couldn’t support me. My older brother thought he was laz bc my husband had a hard time holding down a job. And one of my younger sisters thought he was a douchebag and selfish. As of the first of september my husband and I agruged so much because of my parents we now live at the beach again. Except for good this time. My parents still me everytime I talk to them that I should divorce my husband. That’s not gonna happen though because I love him and even thoughsome of his family doesn’t like me and my family doesn’t like him we still love each other and will be married a year this January! !


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