Vinnie Potestivo’s Inner Circle

Vinnie Potestivo’s Inner Circle is an exclusive group of executives, entrepreneurs and talent brands from around the world.

Every single month I hold Live Trainings and Coaching Calls with frequent guest appearances by industry-leading content and marketing executives such as celebrity & influencer talent, digital & television content executives, talent managers & agents, marketers, podcast and literary experts, etc.
I provide you with real time trainings that teach you how to grow your business online and learn the top online marketing strategies for how you can automate and grow your business.

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Learn How to Build Your Brand Audience from the Best In the World

Your time is precious. I’ve worked hard (for many, many years) so you don’t have to waste hours watching other people’s videos, looking for answers to questions you didn’t even know you were asking.
I don’t want you wasting any more time or energy posting on social media if it’s not helping you generate more leads, more sales and more brand growth! We created this program as a way to help you grow at your own pace, while giving you the creative guidance and professional strategy needed to ensure you are building a strong personal brand. 
  • Upon joining the inner circle, you’ll be invited to secure your One-On-One 30 Minute Brand Audit directly with Vinnie Potestivo. Here you will discuss your brand and content goals directly with me so we can best customize your experience. We’ll address the challenges and obstacles you’re facing, and I’ll begin to give you the tools, insight and direction you need to move forward with confidence.
  • Every week I do a LIVE Group Coaching Call exclusively for our group.  It’s 60 minutes of pure brand planning, and because I want you to leave this call with a plan of action we always ask our group to submit any specific questions before each call.  This also gives me (and our guest) some time to ensure we are delivering the most valuable and relevant info to you. Prior to the call, you will receive a form that will help you clarify what you want to get out of the call. If you can’t make the call, you’ll be able to submit your question in advance, and I’ll answer it on the call and give you a recording of it afterward. We record these conversations and make them immediately available to be streamed or downloaded.
  • Every month I do a LIVE Inner Circle Masterclass Training exclusively for our group, focusing on strategies and tactics that impact the growth of your brand’s sales and audience awareness. This online event is where Vinnie puts his rolodex to work, as it’s packed with industry insiders and executives.  We record these conversations and make them immediately available to be streamed or downloaded.

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If you want to grow your brand or business and you want guidance from a mastermind group with the highest level of advice without jumping from course after course… Then Vinnie Potestivo’s Inner Circle is for you!
We want to help you create an unstoppable personal brand. Let us guide your brand story to success for only $499/month. Granted, I can’t do this for everyone, so I’m limiting this special price to the first 10 people!

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NO minimum monthly commitment. Just give us 30 days notice when you want to be removed from the monthly program.

If you enroll right now in Vinnie Potestivo’s Inner Circle, you’ll get all of this for

Only $499/month!

Join right now and get instant access to an Instant Brand Audit directly with me. And then every month you’ll get access to live coaching calls and masterclasses where we’re review top online marketing and personal branding strategies.

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