Reality Bytes – March 4-8

Fashion Police’s Kelly Osborne left the set on a stretcher this Thursday morning after suffering from a seizure. I bet the look on Joan’s face was … well, the same as always. Best wishes, Kelly!

Kim Kardashian was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday in tears. Turns out her go-go lifestyle can potentially harm her and her baby. Slow down Kim! We don’t want harm to come to yours and Kanye’s destined-for-stardom baby!

Yet another bizarre name to enter Hollywood folks! Holly Madison gave birth on Tuesday to a beautiful baby girl, who she introduced to the world as Rainbow Aurora. If Holly was aiming for a head-turning name, she certainly hit the nail on the head!

Snooki hits the cover of US Weekly in a rather expected leopard bikini and, oh yea, 42 pounds smaller. Didn’t she just have a baby? You go girl! But it sounds like her tiny body won’t last for much longer. She already hopes to have twins with her fiancé Jionni in the next chapter of her new life.

20-year-old X Factor judge, Demi Lovato, recently discovered that she has a 30-year-old half sister she never new existed! Sounds like this so-called half-sister wants to reap some of Demi’s success. Turns out, the reason she didn’t contact Demi sooner was because she didn’t want her to think she was mooching off of her! It’s a real life Soap Opera dream come true!

American Idol’s Season 12 Judges think America got their Top 10 right. Let’s see if these contestants can pull in some higher ratings this season. Speaking of higher ratings, Dancing with the Stars just announced their Season 16 all-star cast! We can’t wait to see stars like Kellie Pickler, Andy Dick, Victor Ortiz and Aly Raisman shake it!


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