2012’s Top 5 Running Mates of Reality TV (pre-Donald)

What if Reality TV Stars ran for office? Who would be President and who would be Vice President? If there’s anything we know, it’s reality tv. So, in light of the upcoming Presidential election we thought we’d share our ideal Top 5 Reality Running Mates for the oval office. Who would you vote for?!

Jeff Probst (Pres) & Julie Chen (VP)

Being the President takes major survival skills – and who would be better at surviving a vote than Jeff Probst and Julie Chen? They are masters of controlling the chaos around them and we think they’d whip this country into shape in no time! What to expect if they’re elected: immunity idols hidden across the country and a crippling fear of being evicted from your own home.

Kathy Griffin (Pres) & Mary Margaret (VP)

Let’s be honest, we’re giving Kathy the seat in the oval office because it’d make for a great talkshow set on Bravo! What to expect if they’re elected: equality for the LGBT community, boxed wine for all and hopefully she can get our economy out of the D List!

Andy Cohen (Pres) & Bethenny Frankel (VP)

Sometimes we think that Bravo is more influential than the actual President of the United States, so Andy Cohen would pose a very real threat to any actual politician he runs against. What to expect if they’re elected: tax cuts for the top 1% (to ensure the Housewives’ votes), Skinnygirl lunch items for all public schools, and a hot bartender for the Oval Office.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Pres) & Gordon Ramsay (VP)

Never has there been a more terrifying team than Elizabeth and Gordon. What to expect if they’re elected: well, for starters don’t get your hopes up… but to keep with the theme of this blog entry we’d say there would be a influx of Michelin star gluten-free restaurants and a tremendous amount of harsh criticism doled out during press conferences.

Brian Dunkleman (Pres) & Ryan Seacrest (VP)

Remember the first season of American Idol? Remember that guy that stood next to Ryan Seacrest? No? Well, his name is Brian Dunkelman and he’s been living in Ryan Seacrest’s shadow for years. If Brian ran for president, he’d certainly want Ryan to act as HIS number two for a change. What to expect if they’re elected: a corporately sponsored Oval Office (think of how great those red CocaCola cups would look in the White House) and a petition to deport Simon Cowell. Bye!

Who are your favorite Reality Running Mates?


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