The Parenthood Project is NOW CASTING


VPEtalent is proud to announce the official casting for The Parenthood Project, a life-changing new documentary television series for couples who are seriously considering having children and would benefit tremendously by experiencing parenthood prior to making their final decision.

We’re looking for couples who are considering starting a family and want to use this unique opportunity to give their family plan a test run. Is there something in your life that‘s held you back until now? Are you and/or your partner looking to prove that you can be good parents? VPEtalent is looking for couples that have yet to experience childrearing but would love to give it a try. If you would like to engage in the rewards and challenges that come with being a parent then a national TV show may be able to help.Ideal candidates are likely to be currently researching starting their family via adoption, IVF, surrogacy, traditional pregnancy, etc.

Couples should reside in/around Denver, CO and Nashville, TN and be between the ages of 25-42. Production will require approximately 6 days of shooting. You will NOT need to take off from work for this opportunity. 

Please email Joy@VPEtalent.com for more information, or APPLY NOW BY CLICKING HERE