Top 5 Reality Homes We’d Like To Be Invited To For Thanksgiving

The Kardashians love any chance to get together and celebrate being Kardashians – and Thanksgiving is no exception. This year’s Kardashian Thanksgiving will serve as the launch of their new Kardashian Kranberry Sauce line – theme song by Kanye, of course.

The key to Thanksgiving at the Duggar’s house? DINE AND DASH! Stay away from middle-of-the-table seats, you’ll spend more time passing the stuffing than eating it. And be prepared to leave quickly… You’ll want to dine and dash before you’re asked to do the dishes. That could take you until Chrismas!

Now that Caroline Manzo won’t be returning to the Real Housewives of New Jersey (or so they say), we expect she’ll have plenty of time to whip up something delicious and Italian for Turkey Day. A helpful tip: bring tupperware for left-overs and an elastic belt. We have a feeling this would be one family style sit down you wouldn’t want to miss.

If there was one Thanksgiving Day prayer we want to hear, it’s that of Reverend Run. Amen.

We could easily make a bat joke here, or perhaps focus on how articulate Mr. Osbourne can (or can not) be at times. Truth of the matter – This is the one Thanksgiving Family Dinner we’d be glad to sit at the kids’ table for.

Which family would you like to spend Thanksgiving with most?


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