Top 5 Reality TV Football Players

With the Superbowl just around the corner, we thought we’d create our dream team of the Top 5 reality TV football players. Who deserves the MVP? Be sure to vote!

Quarterback: Jillian (Biggest Loser)
The quarterback needs to be someone with not only the ability to lead a team to victory…but they need to have a killer arm. Who knows, maybe Jillian spent her time away from The Biggest Loser getting passing tips from Peyton Manning!

Wide Receiver: Ellen Degeneres
While we’re not positive Ellen has any actual football skills, we ARE confident that she’d have one heck of a touchdown dance.

Coach: Nev Schulman
Anyone who has watched Catfish: The TV Show knows that Nev would make a perfect supportive coach. Plus, there’d be no Manti Te’o situation here: Nev can spot a phony online persona from a mile away!

Benchwarmer: Lisa Vanderpump
Sure, every team needs skilled players…but every team also needs someone who is just there to boost morale. With Lisa on the sidelines, we’d expect crass jokes (in a charming British accent) and free meals at Sur after every game!

Mascot: Snooki
New mom Snooki is probably dying to get back to work and we have the perfect job for her: our dream team’s mascot! What’s not to love about a party-loving, über-tan, slipper-wearing mascot? (Bonus for us: we don’t even need to buy a costume for our mascot. Just show up as you are, Snooki!)

Who should win MVP of this Top 5 reality football team?


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