Top 5 Reality Valentines Day Crushes

It’s that time of the year again where we pay tribute to all you love birds out there. In keeping with our theme, we thought we’d create our very own VPE Valentine’s Day Love Letters to give to our Top 5 Reality Valentines Day Crushes. Be sure to vote for your favorite VPE Valentine!

Britney Spears (X Factor)
Breaking up is hard to do, Britney, and we know it is especially tough spending Valentine’s Day alone – which is why we want to invite you over to our place for Valentine’s Day! We can watch episodes of American Idol (no X Factor here!) and listen to anyone but Justin Timberlake. We’ll be a Slave 4 U any day of the month, Brit!

Sean Lowe (The Bachelor)
Sure, you’ve got 25 beautiful girls vying for your heart already, but we’d like to add our name to that least. Sean, we’d jump into arctic Canadian waters for you, we’d never spend our one-on-one time talking about Tierra, and we would always accept a rose from you!

Nigella Lawson (The Taste)
What’s not to love about you, Nigella? You’re beautiful, British, and know your way around a kitchen. You’re the perfect package and we would want nothing more than to call you our very own Valentine.

Barry Weiss (Pawn Stars)
Barry, you make our hearts beat for reasons even we can’t explain. Maybe it’s your salt and pepper hair or your thick-rimmed glasses. Maybe it’s your over-the-top personality and your love for collectible cars. No matter what it is, you have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes us love you.

Andy Cohen (Watch What Happens)
We wouldn’t be where we are without you, Andy! With the upcoming release of Newlyweds: The First Year we’re so excited that even though you’ve got housewives to gossip with and a network to run, you’re also taking some time to tell a few love stories!

Who’s your biggest Reality Valentines crush?


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