Carson Daly had TRL’s TOP 10, Casey Kasem had America’s Top 40, heck… even MySpace had a Top 8. In a day and age where time is more valuable than ever, we’ve noticed a trend in client requests. LISTS.

Who’s the next big designer? Who’s the next Duck Dynasty? Who’s the next “Kardashian?” Who’s the next innovator, stylist, specialist, inventor? The list goes on and on…  So we thought, why not share the fruits of our labor?

We combine info from buyers, sellers, distributors, publishers, producers, publicists, editors, and bloggers, as well as our conversations with real people we come across every day. We add our experience in casting and talent forecasting and with the combined force of the entire VPEtalent team we have whittled down hundreds of topics to a TOP 5.

We will be releasing our Top 5 every week so if you have an interesting topic or subject you’d like us to cover, leave a comment below!


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