TOP 5 Worst Reality TV Show Ideas

Here at VPE we receive amazing pitches for the next great reality tv show concept. Some of them are great! Others, however, are a bit frightening. We decided to put together our TOP 5 Worst Reality TV Show Ideas. We’ll leave the voting up for a couple of weeks. Whichever idea receives the most votes, we’ll create a teaser. Please be kind.

In this workplace competition series, new hires will be required to engage in a series of tasks and challenges to keep their jobs. They may have been qualified enough to get the job…but are they qualified enough to keep it? Watch as new hires fight for their jobs every week – those who succeed get to see another day in the cubicle, those who don’t must pack their desks and start polishing up their resumes.

In a totally revolutionary kind of game show, spouses-to-be are put to the ultimate test: love or money? Engaged couples will be offered $1 million to sleep with someone who isn’t their betrothed…the night before the wedding. Through mind games and tempting men and women thrown into the mix, watch as the couple tries to decide how much $1 million really means to them – and how far they’ll go to ensure a lifetime of (financial) happiness.

Cat lovers far and wide will love this new television series, where cat owners and enthusiasts unite in an attempt to find the purr-fect match for their furry friends. From finding the perfect outfit to picking out the right can of Fancy Feast for the pair to share over flickering candlelight, no detail is too small to ensure romance for woman’s best friend.

This docu-series will follow John Smith, an everyday guy with an everyday passion: sitting on the couch. Watch as he flips channels, pops popcorn, and puts in a DVD. Where did he put his lost remote (and will he ever find it)? Will his girlfriend break up with him because he never leaves the couch? The possibilities are endless in this new age of living room drama that everyone can relate to.

Two small towns in middle America have been chosen to participate in the first season of Hunger Games: The Real Fight. Sure, the movie was fun – but there were no stakes! Watch as these (very real) small towns are denied food and everyday luxuries like clothing and modern tools. As the weeks go on, the pressure will mount and the townspeople will do unthinkable things for the sake of survival – including sending a teenager from each town to fight to the death to preserve their honor. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will benefit from the odds being ever in their favor?

Which of these is the WORST reality tv concept? (See TOP 5 post for description)


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